99.9% Uptime Guarantee

We guarantee 99.9% server, network, and power uptime.
A service level agreement (SLA) to help support this guarantee.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

IGXHost guarantees 99.9% of service uptime every month. However, there will be some cases where downtime is not within our control. We will notify all clients of the affected server(s) with a 3 day notice in advance. Such downtime may be caused by hardware replacement, hardware or server upgrades, or internal downtime caused by the datacenter or network. Such cases are out of our control and we will do everything within our power to remedy the problem and to bring services back up. We will also have scheduled maintanences occasionally. We will notify all clients of the affected server(s) a 7 day notice in advance for such events.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Although downtime does occur in some events out of IGXHost's control, we have a service level agreement in place which offers the chance for clients to claim credit depending on how much downtime occured within the month. Below is a table showing how much credit you can claim with the corresponding amount of uptime within a month.

Uptime Guarantee Credit
99.9% None
99.8% 10%
99.7% 20%
99.6% 30%
99.5% 40%
99.4% 50%
99.3% 60%
99.2% 70%
99.1% 80%
99.0% 90%
Less than 99% 100%

When requesting a claim, please submit a ticket to our Support Department with details including the type of service you're using, plan/package names or IDs, and a full description of the downtime you have experienced. Be as specific as possible, including any logs if possible. Our support department will research into your claim and will be able to accept or reject your claim within 10 business days. If accepted, you will receive the corresponding account credit.